I live by the principle, "Giving ♥️ isn't just the fastest way to change ourselves and our world. It's the only way!"

I enjoy helping people, without limitation or charge (love is never conditional) as I've done since 2008 – 15 years now. We'll all live like this one day. I'm just getting in early to avoid the rush smile

If you can give me a hand so I can help more, a Motor Home would be wonderful. Nearly everything I do, from running my shops, free market stands, collecting things, consultations, workshops and my other activities, needs a vehicle. If you can help, give me the good news, just phone my mobile 0490 444 226. I have exciting things to do, including writing, sharing ideas on being all that we can be and transforming our beautiful planet with love. If you know of a Motor Home I could use, borrow or have, that would be very exciting! I'd love to travel to where-ever I'm asked to help. My free workshops/talks offer practical skills to help build real communities - long a passion of mine. I can mentor people and help communities set up free Spirit of Christmas shops. What a wonderful adventure to travel Australia 🌏 meet new people and share a lifetime of experiences. 

People are surprised I have no assets, savings, property, etc. Most of what we all do in life is by choice. I choose to not charge people for anything. It's been a wonderful fifteen years since I began. I do accept contributions, healthy food and other things to live and do my work, provided they are freely given from the heart. 

Someone gave me $100 to buy a new battery operated stick vacuum cleaner. My shops don't have power and after 30 months, I can now clean the timber floors properly. The shop looks delightful with over one thousand things and seven racks of clothes for all the family.

I would love to get solar lights installed as that would double the time people can get their free things. We are open 24 hours, always. If you can help, please phone me on 0490 444 226.

Years ago I asked petrol companies for free petrol. One company director said "Dennis, we think what you do is amazing, but sorry we can't give you any petrol." When I have a motor home or car, I'll keep asking. 

Help with my free training and Workshops

I'd love a small portable computer projector as that will make my free presentations and workshops more effective.

Let's create our best year ever in 2023.  We can do it by helping each other and doing more of the things we love to do! This pandemic threat has caused many of us to change the work we have been doing and now do things we love to do. We really have abilities beyond what we think. We find them by doing what we love and by giving freely.

Helping each other is the key. If we want a private school, run by the community, let's build it. A new community hall, special pathway, sports ground, swimming pool, playground, exercise area or tiny home. Let's just build them? And why not create VERY low cost accommodation for people who have no home? We can do all this and much, much, more. Then we get exactly what we want, professionally built, in a very short time, with far less money needed.

In doing this, we build wonderful communities.