News Release

14 December 2020

Free Christmas Shop: Open Ocean Shores: Friday 18–24 December 9am–6pm daily

Everything Free! All Welcome

Help make sure no one misses out
on presents (love) this Christmas!

Dennis Stevenson has been called ‘Australia’s Giveaway Man’. His giveaway spirit took off in 2008 when he opened his leased house in Hamilton, Brisbane and gave everything away. He said, “That was so much fun, I next borrowed an empty Gold Coast shop in the week before Xmas, called it Spiritofchristmas and, with community help, gave away thousands of new presents.”

Dennis lives his life giving people a hand. He’s convinced that, “Giving isn’t just the fastest way to change ourselves and our world. It’s the only way.”

He said, “Now is a special time to help people as so many really need it. The presents are all new and mostly come from people in the community, not businesses. Many families have dozens of new, unused things around the house they’d love to donate to help make sure no one goes without.”

Dennis borrows the shop, gets free insurance, tables, covers, cleaning, Christmas tree etc and has lovely volunteers helping to give things away. No money changes hands.

The shop is in Ocean Shores Shopping Centre, Rajah Rd, NSW (20 min nth Byron Bay) next to the Laundromat, near the Tavern. Dennis’ website is:  Email:   Phone: 0490 444 226

Dennis’ website gives hundreds of ideas on living for free and how helping each other changes all our lives.

From the site’s Testimonials page:

“Thank you for your generous heart. It has made our Christmas so much easier. We are extremely grateful.”

“Thank you so much. I have been able to grab some gifts for my family for Christmas which I really would not be able to afford. I have been finding it quite tuff this year in particular, so I really appreciate all your effort and commitment. I have been a single parent for the past 11 years and it really warms my heat to see people like you guys helping others in need. Love, Louise, Caleb and Jacinta.”

“Thank you for your generosity, love and compassion for those less fortunate.”

Dennis asks, “Can you think of a better way to have a Merry Christmas?”