The house I was staying at was sold.

I live by the principle, "Love isn't just the fastest way to change ourselves and our world. It's the only way!" 

I write this on a special birth day. It's 5.30am and I'm just heading to my 24 hour shop to high pressure water clean the floor and tables.

I love helping people without charge as I've done since 2008. We'll all live like this one day. I'm just getting in early to avoid the rush smile

I'd love a special place to live and vehicle to use! I have much to do, including writing, to share ideas on being all that we can be and transforming our beautiful world with love. If you know of a lovely empty house, flat or studio, call me on 0490 444 226. Or a car – as nearly everything I do in running the shop requires transport. A Motor Home would be great! Then I'd have a home and use it to travel where people ask for my help or where my excitement takes me. Then I can run free workshops, talks, mentor and help build real communities - long a passion of mine, or encourage people to run free Spirit of Christmas shops. What wonderful fun to travel Australia (which is full of wonder) and share my lifetime of practical experience. 

People are surprised I have no assets, savings, property, etc. And not a car though someone just bought me a lovely pushbike. My life is my choice. It's been a wonderful ten years since I decided to help people with no charge. I do accept contributions, healthy food and other things, provided they are freely given. 

Years ago I asked petrol companies for free petrol. One company director said "Dennis, we think what you do is amazing, but sorry we can't give you any petrol." However, when I get a motor home or car, I'll keep asking until I get free petrol.

Help with my free training and Workshops

I'd love a Apple iPad and iMac (desktop) computer. An iPad fits my lifestyle perfectly.

Free data allowance so I can fully use the internet would also be a great boost for my work.

A small portable computer projector with long-lasting globe will make my free presentations and workshops even more fun.

Books and Soft Toys

I love giving away positive books and soft toys. If you have any in great condition, check my 'Free Books' link and call me. Recently I got a plastic bag of soft toys at an Op-Shop for one dollar. I fitted 41 in - surely a world record!

Let's create our best year ever in 2018.  We'll do it by helping each other - and doing more of the things we love to do! We have abilities beyond our belief. We find them by doing what we love.