I need a lovely free home!

The one I was staying at has been sold and I've left.

I live by the principle, "Love is not just the fastest way to change ourselves and our world. It's the only way!" 

I enjoy the chance to help people with no charge as I've done since 2008. We'll all live like this one day. I'm just getting in early to avoid the rush smile

I look forward to having a place to live. If you know of an empty house, flat or studio, let me know. Or a Motor Home to travel where my excitement takes me or people ask for help: with free workshops, talks, mentoring, helping build real communities - long a passion of mine, or encouraging people to run a free Spirit of Christmas shop. What great fun to travel Australia and share a lifetime of practical experience. 

With a house, that will give me a base from which to create (some people call this 'work').

People are surprised I have no assets, savings, income, property, government benefits, bank account, etc. Not even a car. My activities that I need a car for are on hold until someone loans or gives me one. I choose to live as I do. It's been a wonderful nine years since I decided that instead of just talking about helping people with no fee or charge, I'd do it. I'm happy to accept contributions, healthy food and other things, provided they are freely given. A local bakery kindly said I can call in any day before they close to get free bread.

Years ago I asked some petrol companies for free petrol. One company director said "Dennis, we think what you do is amazing, but sorry we can't give you any petrol." However, when I get a motor home, I'll keep asking until I get free petrol. Meanwhile, the loan of a car would be great.

Help with my free training and Workshops

A simple, small, computer projector with long-lasting globe will make my free presentations and workshops much more effective.

I'd love a Apple iPad. That will be perfect for my free lifestyle. And a phone with credit, especially data, would be wonderful.

Books and Soft Toys

I love giving away 'as new' positive books and soft toys. If you have any in great condition, check my 'Free Books' link and call me. Recently I got a plastic bag of soft toys at an Op-Shop for one dollar. I fitted 41 in - surely a world record!

Christmas Shop 

Closer to Christmas 2017, I'd like to collect brand new presents (or pre-loved items that look BRAND NEW) for a Christmas shop. I don't have one yet but it will be lovely if I do. If you have things or, with a few friends can run your own shop, ring me.

Let's create our best year ever in 2017.  We'll do it by helping each other - and doing more of the things we love to do! I recently did a great radio interview at Beaudesert. Paul, the interviewer said that community groups gave wonderful help during their recent heavy flooding. Let's do that always!