The free house I was staying in was sold.

I live by the principle, "Love ♥️ isn't just the fastest way to change ourselves and our world. It's the only way!"

I write this on a special birth day. It's 5.30am and I'm just heading to my 24 hour shop to high pressure water clean the shed floor and tables.

I love helping people without limitation/charge (love is never conditional) as I've done since 2008. We'll all live like this one day. I'm just getting in early to avoid the rush smile

I'd love a special place to live and a vehicle 🚐 to use! I have been offered a 2002 Mazda people mover (7 seat) which would be wonderful to use. It needs some mechanical repairs thought I think the motor and transmission are fine. Nearly everything I do in running the shop and my other activities requires a vehicle. If you can help with either, please call me on 0409 444 226. I have exciting things to do, including writing, to share ideas on being all that we can be and transforming our beautiful world with love. If you know of a lovely empty house, flat or studio, call me. A Motor Home would be fabulous! Then I'd have a home and a vehicle. I would love to travel where people need help or where my excitement takes me. My free workshops and talks can help build real communities - long a passion of mine. I would mentor people and encourage communities to run a free Spirit of Christmas shop. What a wonderful adventure to travel Australia 🌏(which is full of wonder) and share a lifetime of practical experience. 

People are surprised I have no assets, savings, property, etc. I do have a lovely pushbike I was just given. My life is my choice. It's been a wonderful ten years since I decided to help people with no charge. I do accept contributions, healthy food and other things, provided they are freely given. 

Years ago I asked petrol companies for free petrol. One company director said "Dennis, we think what you do is amazing, but sorry we can't give you any petrol." When I have a motor home or car, I'll keep asking.

Help with my free training and Workshops

I'd love a 🍎 Apple iPad and iMac (desktop) computer. An iPad fits my lifestyle perfectly.

Free data allowance so I can fully use the internet will be a great boost to my work.

A small portable computer projector with long-lasting globe will make my free presentations and workshops even more effective.

Let's create our best year ever in 2018.  We'll do it by helping each other - and doing more of the things we love to do! We have abilities beyond our belief. We find them by doing what we love.