2011 Spirit of Christmas Shop




I am deeply inspired ♥ Meredith

More than just a gesture. A man with infinite vision. World bless  Ricardo – Brazil

What an open heart ! Thank you.

My 8 and 9 year old walk in here and see a completely different approach to how the world could be. Thank you! Amielia + Luca + Maya ♥smile

The energy is completely transformed in this space. The vibration is lifted - Olivia

Thank you dennis you are an inspiration to others. You are definitely paying it forward. Thankyou for your kindness  Marie.

I think that your days here are limited it’s like a castle made in the sand the powers that be will wash it away [Den's reply "Only limited by my love. As I am having so much fun, I'm not going anywhere. Love empowers us! Are we not the true builders and creators - of a million castles if we wish? Viewing my website can release your concerns. Light and Love, Dennis. PS Take it easy on believing negative news. Keep giving and always come from Love!"]

Love this so much !! THANK YOU !! – Jess

Thank you – what a great positive step in transitioning into the Peace, Love & Vegetable Economy Lisa ♥

Thank you Dennis. It’s an inspiration to others. Russell, Alice & Fletcher

This Place is SO inspirational giving and helping the homeless Bless  ♥ TJade ♥

Thank u dennis this is Thank’s so much I Love this heels Monetsmile ♥

AWeSoMe  Love Leu Monet

Hi there, I come from Sunshine Coast and I think "U" and your crew "R" doing a wonderful job. There should be done all over Aussie. "Thank you" Willelimina

Thanks man, love the work, keep it up.

11 - 4 -18 Thanks Mate, I have found many useful treasures for myself and our kids that would never have happened otherwise. I’ll be donating my things here too before too long. James Beale

Thankyou! You’ve made my daughter smile ! # and some ‘New” yoga pants for “dad” (that’s me). ♥ Angus ♥

Good on you bro

Beautiful project !! bro. I love what you are doing for your community ... super inspiring. Thank you for the example face Manu ♥ ♥

Thankyou this stuff is Awesome. Love it! Thanks.

What a great idea. Keep doign this. It is nice to see something like this in our travels. Thanks Jenny

Fantastic! This is sooo lovely. It is an amaing gift to give things away without regret – Indi ♥ ♥ ♥

Thanks  Great!

AMAZING!!! I love your work! Whatever you’re doing, please don’t stop ! Maybe I could start one of these in Germany! Piper ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Very inspiring ! THANK YOU ! May you be blessed! With ♥ The energy is completely transformed in this space. The vibration is lifted - Olivia from Bella ♥ ♥

AWESOME!! Good on you mate. You’ve brightened my day! Keep it up ! Love from Eden H

Great ♥ Good on you !! From John Ye bru!

What you’re doing is amazing and awesome. Keep it up man! Love from Ilja ♥ 

April 2018 THANKS GRAZIE !! Bibi

That’s awsome idea! Thank you. Keep it up ♥ Much Love xxx Paulina from Poland

Great Idea! Eliza and Sunny

Fantastic idea & concept. Should be more of them 14/4/18 Freja

Thank-you so much amazing job, ♥ Careing is a wonderful thing Jodie Hillhouse

Thank you for blessing others with your work. God bless Sandra xox from Kuranda, NQ ♥

Hola Everyone. I can feel music in my heart. Can you? gracias ♥

What a generous caring man you are Dennis, considering people of the community, and helping them, you deserve good things to come to you Yvonne

This makes my heart smile. Thankyou Dennis

This is a great idea. Thank you for doing this because it’s really kind. Thanks Dennis. From A’chid.

Thank you for your generosity! Pearl

Incredible, thank you. xxx Great Community Spirit. To the needy not the greedy. Steve MULLUM.

Doing a great job. Best Wishes Jeni

This is so wonderful Thank you

Love it all!

Thankyou! ... doing a fantastic service to the community ... I found some great items today Terry 17/4/18

What a wonderful idea Sandra xox

We love our free  with Love Julie

Big Love Dis Shell XX

Great idea ♥ Thank you Pat

Fantastic! Sharonsmile 

What a wonderful job for the community ♥ It helps my family a lot! Thank you guys smile Amanda

Praise the Lord, for leading by example . I am so inspired by you brother Dennis. And soon just before Jesus return no man will be able to buy or sell unless he has the mark of the beast. Keep walking in faith brother. Many Blessings from the Lord God Your Heavenly Father ♥

Hi my name is Sita I am 8 yrs old ♥

My name is Tawhiri I am six  I love your shop and your life.

Hola my name is Manaia. My name is hard to say, sorry. I am 9. your shop is amazing. I Love Love Love it. I got this amazing dress. My mum loved it and so did I. Your shop is incredibale.

Thankyou very much Love [flower] Bless your soul Brother

Good on ya! Awesome bru! smile

What a lovely thing to do ♥

Hi my name is Inaya ♥ I love your shop You did amasin thing 

I am Jaja and I am 6 yrs old I Love it

Hello! Such Lovely thoughtful idea. Thankyou for the mags and dolls P & R

Hi my name is Sita and I loved your shop. I think you did a cool COOL Thing Best ♥ smile

It’s great you’re doing this. thx for helping us to have free stuff. thx so much. ♥

I am Jaya and I am 6. ♥♥♥

Thank you from Eve

Thank you for sharing your spirit Dennis. Thankyou Love Greg & Ness

Gabriella Flower ♥



Thank you so much. It’s so lovely for the kids to be able to get gifts for each other when I’ve run out of money! ♥  Merry Christmas

Lovely idea. Make’s me want to do something to. Thanks for the example.

This place really feels like the “Spirit of Christmas” Thanks Dennis Love Catherine

this morning I read... “You are a sea of light Open your eyes see yourself” Neyyirah Waheed and now I walk in this beautiful shop. What a generous + great idea ! One little present can change the vibe of the day. thankyou x Nathalie

Wow!!! How touching to see the true ‘Spirit of christmas’. Thank you Denis for your beautiful Soul Stacy Rohan – Victoria xo

thankyou so much, the best things in life are truly free it is a very human thing. Humanity is beginning at last perhaps - anything I can do to help I would be very glad. Also have some things for you. Phillip Anastession.

You are a very special person Dennis = Thankyou So much & have a fabulous christmas and New year.

Thank You & nice to see the Spirit of Christmas in action ♥ 

Thanks Dennis - best Christmas ever - the kids will be so happy ♥ 

Wonderful idea in action – thanks for the inspiration!

This is sooo Amazing – Thankyou [heart] Thank you Denis. Great idea Wish you well. Peter & Christi

As always a very generous & kind man. Kathy Norley South Golden Beach Community Assoc.

Thank you for your support, Carly.

Awesome, giving, loving & A wonderful gift to the community.

What a wonderful idea. Great to see some genuine generosity here – Naomi –

Awesome work Dennis! Keep it up!! Sher

Amazing work so appreciated!

Congratulations!! thanks a lot

it is fanstact ideas, Jessica

Incredible & thoughtful ♥ 

Love in Action – thank you for the inspiration ♥ 

So generous and helpful Thankyou ♥

What a lovely idea! Your Christmas Spirit is inspiring.smile

You supported us Nicely a lot Sophia

A beautiful idea in its time. Michael Sydney.

Thank-you so much for this! This is such a beautiful idea for those who can’t afford much. Merry Christmas Kristoll & Sam

Thank-you for the free gift. Very lovely. Merry Christmas. Chisen [phone number]

Really nice ideas and for a great separate santa

Fantastic idea – with all the ‘stuff’ we have in excess around the world, Love.

Fantastic Thank you so much. Mildred.

Thankyou smile

thank you! It is an amazing thing you’re doing smile

Thank-you from me and my family.

What a beautifuyl idea. We’ll take your spirit and give nice presents to our friends - thanks so much!!!


Thank you for your heart soul, your spirit soars with the presence of Christmas that I have not seen ever before. May good Karma and well wishes carry you always on the backs of angels God bless xxx Merry Christmas smile  smile  smile  smile  smile  smile  smile  smile  smile smile  how many you’ve made happy.



Fantastic idea, Lorraine

I love it so much. I like teddy, Cooper

What can I say Beautiful Sole, Sally smile

Thank you for the amazing work you do, Brooke

Inspirational, Amanda

Really helpful idea. Love it, Keely

Amazing. Thank you, Lauchlian

Keep up the wonderful work, Dee

Love what you do. Keep it up, love your work, Dianne

Awesome mindset. Surprising kind and generous, Michellelaughing

Thank You, Julie

Good on you Dennis - good luck, Should be more people like you xo, Shelley

Amazing, Kilauna

Wonderful place. Well done, Lisa smile

Great idea, Pauline

Dennis may your big heart flow on to others, Michael

Thanks, beautiful, Sandra

Wonderful gesture. Pay it forward, Thank you, Caroline and Sam

Awesome idea, Brandon

Interesting concept, Cheryl

Great idea and very selfless, Chris

Fantastic idea, Kristy

Very nice Hopefull, Brode

Well done, Otes

Very thankful, John

Thank you. All the best, Chris

The Jimboomba Society (women in community) would love to maybe talk to you at one our of evenings. Thank you for being you, Beth Earl


Christmas Shop 2016 Comments

Absolutely amazing. Just when I thought I would have nothing for my children xxx

This idea of giving & compassion brings tears to my eyes! How beautiful and amazing. Gives Hope to humanity. Love. Bless you

The real spirit of Christmas. Thank you xxx

Enjoy this beautiful space. So much Love Carol

Well done for being 'you' and fully living your beliefs. If we all did the same the world would be transformed. Heidi

How beautiful to be in such a giving space. 

Thank you for bringing this wonderful example of unconditional love in action to Ocean Shores. May this idea spread. Blessings to you.

What an amazing shop!!! and an amazing shop owner!

Thank you for spreading this Light and Love in a so materisistic world! Merry Christmas!

Thank you so much. Share and Care, Yahndi & Rotty

A beautiful heart & soul & a beautiful reminder of the spirit of life in flow, Dayna

What a fabulous idea, pay it forward. Thank you, xxx

What an amazing and compassion. Thank you very very much. I hope u have a great xmas, cause I will now. Thank u again xoxoxox

A beautiful inspiration.smile

The Spirit of Christmas lives here, Thank you, Barbara

Brilliant idea, lovely gifts, Cheers, Tana

Thanks - you've made my xmas, and thanks from those I pass the gifts on to. Simone

What a great idea, Louis

Love your work xxx

Thank you so much, Happy Xmas, Maggie

Blessings, Rosie

A wonderful idea. Herman

Thank you for your inspirational deed!!! Ellina x

It's inspirational to meet a man full of generosity, Jannin

Wonderful. Great idea, Wendy laughing

Thank you so much,

Thank you so much. Very brilliant idea. HR

Thank you for the joy of receiving. Shell

Such a refreshing attitude. Thank you.

Something we should all consider being part of, giving to others we do not know and from whom we don't expect anything in return.

What a joy - Thank you - Frances and Carl

So good, Thank you xxx Suzanne

Wonderful idea. Thank you. K Norley

Just lovely. Thank you xxx Vivienne

Great idea RL

Thank you very much. Great idea. Pay it forward. Anne

What a lovely idea - Wendy


Wonderful spirit of Love, Thank you Jennifer

Thank you, so nice. Dale

Great idea. Very inspiring. Thank You! Happy Christmas, Philippa

Wonderful Christmas Spirit. Thank you & Merry Christmas, Renee

Giving, receiving, blessings heartfelt Love, Dianna

Absolutely amazing people (so rare) Kaz, Jade, Rod

Beautiful to see xx Steve & Chevron

Thank you! Giving is a wonderful gift. xxx

Beautiful idea

Heart warming Kate

This is a great idea. Thank You

I was grate

Beautiful idea! Wonderful to see smile - Georgia & Prue

Great community idea – Thanks.

Brilliant concept

Sensational, I knew the North Coast was A1

Wonderful Angels


Thank you so much! Amazing idea

Wholeness Balance Vibration

Great Idea

Heartfelt – this is the Spirit of Christmas x

Wonderful to see the spirit of alturism, world would be a better place with more like this – Sammy

What a great idea

Merry Christmas – thankyou for your generosity

Thank you very much! much love!

Thank you so much, Dennis! Love is all around we just need to feel and share it. You do! Thank you x Merry Christmas, Valentina

Such a beautiful idea & inspiration! Thank you dear Dennis smile Bonnie

Great idea – have never seen its like before. Keith

Amazing idea & very giving, caring & sharing Sally xo

So wonderful ... So thankful ... I feel the Love!!! Dharna xo

Thanks so much! Merry Christmas! So Amazing & kind what love & kindness from beautiful, caring Souls! Love xo Phoebe

So amazing – Real True Christmas Meaning – Bless you & Merry Christmas Lovexxx

Thank you, Vivienne

Pay it forward. Karma will repay those who are generous in spirit. Glynis x

Thank you for your generosity. Much appreciated. Susan  Peace be with you

Thank you so very much for making my Grandchildren's day

Thank you so much, Merry Christmas to you all.

Peace and Goodwill to all

What a lovely idea! Thank you – love and blessings xxx

Very good. I love this xx M Cassidy

Wonderful sentiment. Many thanks, Robyn

Thank you for this wonderful spirit x

You are the Best! Love your integrity and spirit xxx Yvonne

Fantastic idea! Great reminder of what Christmas is about. Bless.

Thank you for the gift.

Wonderful idea! xx

Thank you for the gifts. Such amazing to have someone to give, we all need more of this. Much Love.


2012 Christmas Shop Comments 

What you are doing is really fantastic. You've saved Christmas for a lot of people. Have a fantastic Christmas!! Dairen & Shel

What an amazing thing to do for strangers.

Thank you so very much. After a year that I had nearly given up on goodwill in people you have proven to me that there are still some out there with hearts of gold. I will be sure to pass this on to others.

My Christmas gift to my friends this year is a gift to others! This year I thought instead of buying my friends Christmas presents since most of us don’t want for anything I will use the money to donate gifts to this man and his wonderful idea. The Paleo Family 2012

Thank you for opening the great idea to my teenagers who now want to pay your kindness forward. Love always, Anderson family.

Fantastic. There should be more people doing the same. God Bless you and all your helpers. xxoo

This is the Spirit of Christmas. Lots of love to you, Megan

To Dennis, Hi, Fantastic idea and hope others share your idea, Thanks Ailsa & Tim

God bless you all and Merry Xmas, regards Ryan x

Thank you, from Sisters Inside for Womens Xmas xxx

What a wonderful, generous idea!

Love for the community is a thing very much needed always. May Life, love and happiness shine on all those who work here and those who pass through its doors, Thank you, Phil

"Thank you for the effort and whole concept of this shop. I heard it announced on 4BC and thought it could scrape my son (and myself a little) out of a hole and an 'embarrasing' situation where the scourge of unemployment and out of control debts have rocked our family and threatened to spoil Christmas.

The feeling on walking out of that shop was just elating. A few days after opening, there was still plenty for everyone. We were able to find several superb presents. The blonde lady who was placing gifts on the table constantly was just so calm and serene. She was just lovely. Looking at the gifts my son was able to wrap up for everyone and the feeling of relief for us both that he was not feeling 'out of it' like other years. Not to mention, Christmas shopping was all over in ONE HOUR. We are both extremely grateful there are people in the world who are truly caring of others less fortunate and who can make all of this happen.

You are all deserving of the highest place in heaven for the way you live your lives. This is true Christianity. It has inspired us both to return the favour or help out when we can at some stage when things turn around, or pay forward to someone else, knowing it saved our Christmas and made for the best day, with everyone getting a present, even a little something for his two best friends! Thank you very much for the wonderful gifts, Chris and Melanie."

Thank You. Very much needed.

Thank you from Fishers of Men, Be Blessed in Jesus name.

You are an inspiration to us all. Thank you Dennis, Love Margie

Thank you for all your kindness.

With thanks from the Aboriginal community of North West Keparra.

Thank you so much. Merry Christmas to you x

God Bless you and have a very Merry Christmas, Margaret

Yay Dennis! You sir are awesome! Love your work, Angela

Hello Dennis, Love your work! Cuc

Thank you so much. You guys are doing a wonderful thing. Merry Christmas + Happy New Year, Heather, Paul, Sam, Katie & Kids

Hi Dennis, Very, very nice idea, Merry Xmas, Clare

Wonderful job at organising this. It's a wonderful idea and may God bless you all! Lily

Thanks a million. You're a top bloke, Brett

Will make a huge difference for the people I can give these things to, Ashley

God Bless you and your generous heart! Thank you and Merry Christmas, Bee & Erin

All the best for Christmas and our support and generosity, Glynis & Todd

Wonderful work you are doing. Bless you. Have a Very Merry Xmas to you and your helpers.

Fantastic idea. Well done, Rob

Wonderful Christmas idea, Ralph

You are the 'real' father Christmas, Mary

God Bless you and your beautiful heart, Merry Christmas x

Thank you so much for giving us these. I really appreciate it, Maria

Thank you. I lost a son to a mugging and inherited a 9 year old. God sent.

God Bless and thank you, Deb

Thank you very much. Much appreciated, Jen

Thanx for all the gifts, Ben

Thank you so much. Helped so much in our situations, Vienna

Thank you so much, Charlene

You are awesome and made our Christmas this year, Julie

Such an amazing thing you are doing. The kindness from the community is overwhelming. Thank you to the team at Spirit of Christmas and the community. Without you this wouldn’t exist, Jacinta

So amazing - thank you so much, Deborah

May all your dreams and wishes come true!

A wonderful idea. Thank you for your vision.

Thank You So Much! Greatly needed!

Thank you very much. I lost my husband in November to cancer, so thank you very much to everyone involved. My Xmas will be great. Thank You, Love, the Fuz Family xxx

Thank you so much. It makes a big difference to the world.

Thank you so much for this lovely shop. I please you. Thank you.

Thank you very much for this generosity.

This has been our most difficult Christmas and the first one where we have no gifts. What a blessing this place is! Thank you!!

This is lovely. I’m sure this shop will bless many. Thank you, Arb

What can be said but thanks heaps. Bless you!!

Wonderful job guys. Very hard to believe that there are some people willing to help others. Bless you abundantly, R. W.

You are so wonderful. Thank you all. I hope you all have a great Christmas.

Thanks, Ellen

Thank you for your generosity. It has really helped us. Merry Christmas. 

Thank you - amazing. It is like Christmas today! Thank you so much. You have made Christmas.

Thank You. Merry Xmas & Happy New Year. Love Heather & Christine.

God Bless you, Dimitri

This store is incredible! I am so privileged to be able to share some of the amazing gifts my baby girl received at our baby shower. My mum who makes jewellery also was happy to provide many of her one off pieces that were made with love! I really hope these items make somebodies Christmas.

God Bless. So lovely to be able to share some items that could help someone. We will drop some more of before Christmas.

A very good idea. Should have more. Would like to see it again. Regards, D. Lee

Great idea - we've been meaning to donate for the last few years and finally did it. Need a collection point on northern side as well. God Bless everyone.

Good idea to pass the Christmas feeling on.

Thanking you so much.

Thanks Dennis. Glad we got to help upstairs. Sheldon & family

Thank you so much.

You are an absolute Godsend! Thanking you all so very much! xxx

Thank you so much for all you've done for the people in Aussie. You're amazing. May God richly Bless you & team!

Blessings to you all. The Spirit of Christmas is in this place. Regards, Shel 

Just amazing. Thank you so much, Alexia

We need more Aussies that care as much as you people. I wish you (all) the best!

Thank You. It is very nice of you to give us a lot of nice things, Emma 6

Thank you all - you are all angels sent from Heaven and have brightened my Christmas. Love to you all.

Appreciated to no end. This is such an amazing way to bless those in need. You're amazing people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

What an uplifting way to give joy at Christmas.

Such an amazing place. Thank you from our family, the Greys. 

You are a wonderful organisation. You have given me Xmas at a very sad time in my life.

Just amazing & wonderful.

Absolutely Wonderful Human Beings Who have hearts of gold. Thank - you.

It's so beautiful to behold such generosity, kindness & love, which is fitting for such a season as God the father gave his best Gift - Jesus Christ, only son to the World for Eternal Life. (John 3:16)

God Bless you Dennis and your humble volunteers as well, Angus

Thank you for what you are doing.

Thank you so much.

Thank you. God Bless.

Everything is in God's timing! Well done trusty servant.

Thank you. Bless you.

Thank you. I have Christmas presents for my grandchildren.

Thank you so much. Much appreciated x

Wow - Amazing.

Just amazing. What a kind & special person you are to do such a wonderful gift!

Thank you for making this store and helping people in need. It is wonderful! Keep going! From Miss 8

You've made our Christmas a little happier. Thank you.

Thank you so much. The world needs more people like you in it. God Bless.

Thanks very much. Greatly appreciated! Merry Christmas.

The world is more beautiful since I know Spirit of Christmas.

Thank you so much! Hope you all have a good Christmas. Merry Christmas.

Thank you and God Bless!! Love, the Andersons xxxxxoo

Thanks so much. Enjoyed the Spirit. Hope some lovely little girls come in to find the Ballet Prints or some lovely little girl's parents or grandparents.

Great idea. You should provide a book for people to record their address/ email so they can be helpers for next year in gathering items or talking/ marketing it. I would love to help. God Bless & Merry Christmas.

This shop is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for helping us give to our children at Xmas!!! This is the best idea ever! I will definitely spread the word for donations!!!  Thank you. 

Thank you for what you do. Thank you xx

"Great idea!" Thank you Dennis, Gabriela

What a wonderful idea. I know plenty of people including our family doing it tough this year. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you & Merry Christmas to you kind soul, Jill

Thank you so much.

God Bless you all and thank you so so much xxxx

Thank you so much. God Bless you, Joanne

What a wonderful idea! I hope the government helps in this good cause! Thank You, Giovanna

God Bless you all. Thank you for your kindness xxx

Thanxs for everything. Hope to see you again next year. God Bless xo

Merry Xmas from John & Mitchell xxoo

Keep up the good work.

Great Xmas gifts. Thank you so much to everyone!

Thank you for all, Angela

It has been a joy to work here for the last few days! Dennis is an inspiration!! Patsy x

Thank you everyone for the stuff and books etc. I wish you have a good christmas.

Thank you very much! You are so wonderful and my family had great, great Xmas gifts. May every good thing come to you all!

Bless you. Happy Christmas & Happy New Year. Nicki

Happy Christmas! Thanks!!! Lea

What you are doing is awesome! What wonderful people. Thank you so much. Paula

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it so much. You are doing amazing work. Bless you.

Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. So very, very helpful. Love Rebecca & Andy

Thank You!

I believe these presents are going to put smiles on hundreds of faces. One gift to this store can go far. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. ox Shaniah ox

Thank you for all the gifts. It is amazing and inspiring. Merry Christmas to you all o x o Renata

Thank you, Charles

Merry Christmas. You are amazing! Victoria

Thank you, Sandy

Thanks, you are doing a wonderful thing for the people of Brisbane and you will receive a wonderful reward in heaven.

Heart felt thank you. The world needs many more Dennis' & volunteers.

Thank You xoxo

Agape, Bob

Thank you so much. God Bless.

Thank you so much.

U guys are amazing. I really think you're doing something for everyone, love Bellar

After a car accident, a broken washing machine, hubby's lost job & two grand daughters born in the same month, this opportunity has saved our Christmas. Thank you and God Bless. P.S. I look forward to being in a position to donate next year.

Awesome idea! More of it! Jude

After a tough year, this has been a blessing. Thank you truly. We much appreciate it. Sandra and Sharna xxx

What an incredible thing to do & have for people. I hope many people take this idea up. You are amazing and we are sooo, sooo grateful! Thank you!! Merry Christmas! Liz



We thank you so much for your thoughts and time and kindness.

Most Amazing Man I have ever met.

Christmas will never be the same. So blessed from Dennis.

Dennis, you are a Gift from Above. If the world had more people like you, we would be living in a much happier place. Thank you for your awesome efforts at your own expense and time. Corinna

People like you are the true meaning of what Xmas is all about. Thanks and love, Douglas

Without you and others like you Christmas wouldn't be Christmas. Many thanks. Merry Christmas and thanks.

Merry Christmas. Thank you for the kindness. 

Thank you so much!!

Wow Guy's. Absolutely amazing. Great job. Merry Christmas from the Young family.

Thank you for what you have done for people.

Great job, guys. You are 'angels!!' Karen adn Peter Grace from Knitting for Brisbane's Needy.

I think you are a very special person for doing this over Christmas. Keep up the fantastic work. Kathy, Mason, Beau. Merry Christmas!

Thank you for your generous heart. It has made our Christmas so much easier. We are extremely grateful. May you be blessed for all you are doing. Have a great Christmas and happy and prosperous New Year. Lots of love, Paula, Jess and Raymond

Thank you very much. I have been able to grab some gifts for my family for Christmas which I really would not be able to afford. I have been finding it quite tuff this year in particular so i really appreciate all your effort and commitment. I have been a single parent for the past 11 years and it really warms my heart to see people like you guys helping others in need. Love, Louise, Caleb and Jacinta xxxooo

Thank youn so much! It comes highly appreciated.

Thank you so much. Love, Joanna Rose

Thank you so much for your gifts. D Brown

Thank you all for the gifts.

Thank you and God bless yours.

Thank you and God Bless you forever.

This shop is proof that Jesus is alive still in the hearts of people. God bless your work. You will be blessed.

Thank you!!!!

Thank you - your generosity, love and compassion for those less fortunate is a shinning light and I hope you will be blessed over and over again. Have a wonderful Christmas!x

Wonderful idea. Thank you. You are doing some great work.

Thank you so much for giving to the community, Peyton!

God Bless you. Julie B and Vicky W

Thank you. God Bless you all. Auburn

Thanks a lot. I never forget your hospitality.

Thanks for everything you give to me and my family. Merry Xmas all.

Wonderful to meet you Dennis. Looking foreard to helping you any way I can in 2012. Merry Christmas, Lina and Mali

Thank you very much. God Bless you.

What a wonderful gesture you are doing. Such a kind heart. Sandy & Angel

Great idea. David

May your Xmas & New Year bring you happiness like you've shown to others. Susan and Noel

Thank you so much. Merry Christmas, Courtney & Sherry

I want to thank you so much. I would have never done this without you! Love Vienna Rule

May you be Blessed at Christmas. C & S

Thank you. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Brilliant gifts. Thank you. MM

This is the nicest idea in the world!

Thank you Dennis from Ashley (Carina).

What a kind and brilliant thing to do. Such Spirit.

Thank you all so very much!!! Merry Christmas xxx

What an incredible thing to do & have for people. I hope many people take this idea up. You are amazing and we are sooo, sooo grateful! Thank you!! Merry Christmas! Liz


From a shop helper - 2009.

Dennis loves to help people and creates ideas that seem to inspire others. He wanted to remind people of the real meaning of Christmas as being a time for sharing, loving and giving. He spent months collecting new or as new things from friends and all around the place. He set out to find an empty shop he could use free of charge, for the last week up to Xmas. The idea was to encourage people to give presents to those who couldn't afford them.

It took a few weeks to find an owner willing to loan him an empty shop, but he persisted, found one and called the shop the 'Spirit of Christmas'. The shop had some stands in it that were perfect for displaying gifts. A sign writer was kind enough to do a large sign that looked great in the shop front, which also had lovely Xmas quotes all over the windows.

The whole project was a huge job; Dennis loaded tons of goods with many car trips. He found a church willing to lend him some tables and spent time cleaning them and the shop. A couple of people were wonderful in their support, especially one women who donated many hundreds of beautiful things from a shop she had recently closed. She also did a lovely job in presenting gifts ready for people to take.

The shop was full of goodies for the busy opening. As fast as people took things, they were being replenished with lots of people bringing more in. There were many wonderful presents including two lovely rocking horses, new video and DVD players, books, TV sets, a new printer, videos and DVD's galore, loads of toys, children's books and games, expensive cameras, kitchenware, tons of lovely soft toys, jewellery, china, tools and so on.

Dennis was interviewed by 4 TV channels, 7, 9 Gold Coast, 9 Brisbane and Ch 10. The team at Radio 4CRB, the local community radio station, were absolutely wonderful in broadcasting constant messages and interviews. There were also other radio stations and local papers - talking about the Christmas spirit of giving. With constant radio coverage and many peak TV news slots, the message reached many thousands. I counted at least 11 interviews that Dennis did with TV and radio stations.

Sometimes people were in tears in the shop, families who couldn't afford anything for their kids, old people, the works. We heard tons of lovely stories. One 91 year crippled lady who could only go a short distance using her walker, lived just a few doors from the shop in the same street. The previous day she had been given a present by her neighbour's children and was sad she couldn't get out to get them anything in return. She prayed that night that she would be helped to give them something. The next morning she saw a large crowd across from her home and discovered the free christmas shop was about to open. She came over and got toys to give to the neighbour's children. The TV cameras were all there for the opening and she was interviewed on TV as well - something for her to talk about at 91.

Another lady with 5 children had nothing to give them. She left with enough presents for all her children, including a full size guitar for her son who had wanted one for 15 years, but she could never afford it. Another lady with little money and no TV for her children to watch the children's movies on over Christmas, left with a TV, a video player and tons of children's videos. Some people just cried with their good fortune. One lovely young lady had gone home after seeing the shop and found 100 things in her home that were new and unused. She wrapped them all and started phoning charities to see who wanted them. Most said they couldn’t take them as it was too late but she persevered and found one who really needed them. She delivered them and came to tell us about it on Christmas Eve as she wanted Dennis to know his message had been heard.

It was a blessing for many and made their Christmas a more joyful occasion than perhaps it would have been. It was a total success. The doors closed finally at 6pm on Christmas Eve with few items left.

It didn’t end there. Someone had kindly donated a box of new, large, single cultured pearl necklaces. Dennis had some left over, and also some beautiful figurines, so he went to three local hospitals and asked nurses on each ward to point out patients who were alone or needed help. The nurses were wonderful (as ever) and knew everyone who needed a helping hand, especially older people who had no visitors. The presents were given. It made a difference. It is lovely to know so many were helped.

As ever, Dennis did his usual thing, making sure that anything he used or borrowed during that time, the shop, the tables, etc., were returned in better condition than when he took them. He spent a few days bringing the entire shop up to a high standard and wanted to help the shop owner to lease the shop. It had been up for lease for 6 months with no takers. Dennis wrote a page of marketing questions for the 16 shops in that small shopping centre. P.S. Now in 2012, that centre is thriving with most of his ideas having been used.

Dennis is always helping people – all year, not just for Christmas. As he says, "What else are we here for?"

Sandy 2009 

What a kind and brilliant thing to do. Such spirit.
Thank you for your generosity, love and compassion for those less fortunate. Light and love. I hope you will be blessed. Have a wonderful Christmas.
Thank you so much! It comes highly appreciated.
Great job guys. You are ‘angels’!!
Thank you for your generous heart. It has made our Christmas so much easier. We are extremely grateful. May you be blessed for all you are doing. Have a great Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year.  Lots of love, Paula, Jess and Raymond.
Thank you and God Bless yours.
Thank you for what you are doing for people.
I think you are a very special person for doing this over Christmas. Keep up the fantastic work.  Kathy, Mason, Beau. Merry Christmas.
Thank you so much for your gifts.
Thank you and God Bless you forever.
Thank you so much. I have been able to grab some gifts for my family for Christmas which I really would not be able to afford. I have been finding it quite tuff this year in particular, so I really appreciate all your effort and commitment. I have been a single parent for the past 11 years and it really warms my heart to see people like you guys helping others in need. Love Louise, Caleb and Jacinta xxx
Thank You!!!!
This shop is proof that Jesus is alive still in the hearts of people. God Bless your work. You will be blessed.
Thank you so much. Love, Joanna!
Wonderful idea. Thank you, you are doing some great work.